Free Winter Vehicle Check

With the winter weather upon us, we’re offering a free vehicle health check to help reduce the risk of breakdowns or accidents.  Please call us to book in and/or see if we are not too busy to see you today.

Tyres – tread depth:
Check your tyre depths across the width of your tyre and the whole way round. Check that the tyre is worn evenly. Tyres worn unevenly can also indicate that there is something further amiss, for example the tracking may be off. It’s amazing the difference it makes to the handling of the car if the tyre is misshapen.

Tyres – pressure:
It’s important that you are running your tyres with the correct pressures, too high or too low can be equally dangerous.

With the extra load on the battery with heaters, lights etc. during the winter your battery can become unreliable. We can check the health of your battery with our diagnostic equipment.

Antifreeze is added to the water in a vehicle’s radiator to prevent the engine from seizing up and causing any unwanted issues. Frozen water expands and can split engine hoses and pipes, causing leaks and reducing cooling efficiency. We can check the concentration of antifreeze in your engine.

Windscreen wiper:
Over time the material of windscreen wipers degrades. We will check the condition of the wipers.

Windscreen wash:
It is important to keep your washer reservoir topped up with winter strength washer fluid.

With the lack of daylight in the winter is imperative that all the exterior lights work on your vehicle. We will check the headlight, taillights and brake lights. It is illegal and dangerous to drive with broken lights. Also the registration plate lights (did you know your car can fail an MOT test if these are not working?).

Engine Oil:
Too little or too much oil in a vehicle can cause major engine problems. To avoid breakdowns in the cold months, it is important to get this checked and find the best engine oil for winter in your car.

If you would like us to assess the depth of the brake pads left we can do this for a small charge as the wheels often need to be removed to do so. The vehicle will need to be lifted on our ramp, so please book in ahead if you want this done as often all our ramps are in use.